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as originally approved at the AGM on 9th May 2004
and subsequently amended at the AGMs on 11th May 2008 and 12th May 2014.

The Ophthalmic Antiques International Collectors' Club (hereinafter called the Club, which is also known by the acronym OAICC), is a non-profit-making organisation whose purpose is to promote -

a. International cultural and social contact between members and with other organisations.
b. To establish expertise in the field of ophthalmic antiques.
c. To provide an infrastructure for the dissemination of knowledge.
d. To assist and encourage new collectors.

These aims will be addressed by the following:

a. The regular publication of information, submitted by members, in the form of a Journal. One copy will be supplied
to each member as part of the annual subscription. Further copies can be ordered at a pre-agreed cost per issue
to members and non-members.
b. Arranging visits to museums and private collections of ophthalmic antiques.
c. Assisting other organisations with displays and catalogues.
d. Publicising the Club wherever possible by appearances on Television, Radio, Social Media, Internet and Magazine articles.
e. The publication of booklets on antique ophthalmic subjects, membership lists and lists of members' interests
and also Indices for the Journal.
f. The provision of information on the Club's Internet Website.
g. Establishing and maintaining link with other similar organisations.
h. Arranging a gathering of members to mark important events.

a. The members of the Club shall consist of Honorary and Ordinary Members.
b. Honorary and Ordinary Members enjoy equal voting rights.
c. Honorary
Membership can be awarded at the discretion of the Committee following outstanding,
sustained service to the Club or following hosting of a Club international visit.

d. Ordinary Membership will be open to anyone interested in promoting the aims of the club.
e. Membership can be terminated by a majority vote at a meeting of the Committee should any member bring the Club into disrepute.

a. The annual subscription becomes due on the 1st of January each year and must be sent to the Membership Secretary.
b. Methods of payment available will be decided by the Committee.
c. The membership subscription will be the same in all countries (allowing for exchange rates) but a surcharge may be levied at the discretion of the Committee for different costs of the distribution of the journal in different countries around the world.
d. The rate of subscription to be reviewed annually by the Committee with any changes to be proposed at the AGM for ratification by the members.
e. The Financial Year of the Club will be from the 1st of January each year.
f. A Balance Sheet showing the Clubs finances to be produced for the annual Committee meeting and AGM.
g. A Club bank account will be maintained by the Treasurer to be administered as directed by the Committee.


a. The management of the Club will be vested in the Committee of elected volunteers consisting of officers and ordinary members properly elected at the AGM.
b. All types of Club membership are eligible to serve on the Committee.
c. An Annual General Meeting shall be held. Where practical this will normally be held in May of each year. A Special General Meeting can be called at any time be a majority vote of the Committee or by a request of 30% of the membership. Members are to be given at least 21 days notice of any such meeting (in cases of urgency, this period of notice may be reduced to 5 days). Any proposals for discussion should be advised to the Chairman at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
d. All positions are honorary and receive no remuneration other than reasonable put-of-pocket expenses.
e. Members willing to serve on the Committee are nominated or self-nominated at the AGM and elected by those members present with a show of hands.
f. All Officers and Committee Members to serve for a maximum of three years but are eligible for re-election.
g. The Committee to consist of The Chairman, The Vice-Chairman, The Editor of the Journal, The Membership Secretary, The Treasurer, The Visits Organiser, The Publicity Officer, The Minute Secretary, The Auctions Officer plus up to four ordinary Committee Members. The Committee can co-opt members where special expertise is necessary to assist in the organisation of the club, such members have no voting rights at Committee meetings.
h. The Committee may elect Committee members retiring after long service to Honorary Life Member or Honorary Life President as appropriate, with the right to attend Committee Meetings.
i. The Editor of the Journal will maintain an editorial board to help with the production of the Journal.
j. A webmaster will be appointed by the Committee to look after the administration of the Club Website.
k. One third of the number of the members of the Committee, or if one-third is not a whole number, the next whole number above one third, shall form a quorum of the Committee. The minimum number for the AGM shall be a quorum of the Committee plus one ordinary member.
l. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.
m. An elected member of the Committee, who ceases to be a member, shall vacate his place on the Committee with immediate effect.
n. If a member of the Committee has been absent from three consecutive meetings of the Committee to which he has been summoned, the Committee shall declare that his seat on the Committee has been vacated, unless the Committee is satisfied that his absence was due to illness of other reasonable cause.


In the event that the Club affairs have to be "wound up" it will be the responsibility of the Committee (or the majority of) to complete this task. After the payment of any expenses, any residual funds shale be donated to the BOA Museum.

JOB Descriptions

a. To organise the AGM, with the assistance of the Vice Chairman, the annual Committee meeting and ensure that a true record of the minutes of these meetings is kept and circulated accordingly.
b. To mediate in committee discussions.
c. To sign cheques on the Club's behalf.
d. To submit to the Treasurer details of personal expenses for verification and authorisation.
e. To scrutinise the Treasurer's expenses and inspect the annual bank statement.
f. To prepare a report prior to the Committee Meeting and to submit it at the AGM.
g. To oversee the Web Site, it's function and addition of new information, or propose the appointment of a club member to be responsible for these duties.

a. To assist the Chairman as required and deputise when he is unavailable exercising the same functions as the Chairman would have done if present.
b. To submit to the Treasurer details of personal expenses for verification and authorisation.
c. To prepare a report, if appropriate, for the Committee Meeting and submit it to the AGM.

a. To organise the production of the Newsletter.
b. To be the focal point for receiving information from all sources.
c. To submit expenses to the Treasurer.
d. To prepare a report for the Committee Meeting and submit it at the AGM.

a. To collect and bank subscriptions.
b. To organise subscription reminder notices.
c. To maintain membership lists.
d. To compile a list of members interests.
e. To submit details of new members to the Chairman and Treasurer.
f. To submit to the Treasurer details of Club income.
g. To submit expenses to the Treasurer. To submit a report at the AGM.
h. To prepare a report for the Committee Meeting and submit it at the AGM.

To pay bills.
To bank miscellaneous cheques.
c. T
o sign cheques on the Club's behalf.
To produce a Balance Sheet for the Committee Meeting, including an analysis of Income and Expenditure and submit it at the AGM.
To verify and authorise expense claims.
To submit to the Chairman details of personal expenses for verification and authorisation.
To submit the bank statements for the end of each financial year.
h. To prepare a report for the Committee Meeting and submit it at the AGM.

a. To organise visits in the UK and abroad as often as agreed by the Committe.
b. To submit expenses to the Treasurer.
c. To prepare a report for the Committee Meeting and submit it at the AGM.

a. To promote the Club by all possible means internationally, but particularly by contact with professional magazines, writing articles for the press, magazines, contact with optical colleges and universities etc., and by speaking on behalf of the Club on radio, TV, etc.
b. To submit expenses to the Treasurer.
c. To prepare a report for the Committee Meeting and submit it at the AGM.

a. To organise the Club Auction following the AGM, or at other times as required.
b. To produce an Auction Catalogue and be responsible for any Commission Bidding.
c. To submit expenses to the Treasurer.

a. To take the Minutes of the Committee Meetings and Club General Meetings and circulate them where appropriate.
b. To compile an Agenda where required for any of the above meetings. c. To submit expenses to the Treasurer.

NOTES (not forming part of the Constitution)

An Officer may fill more than one post.
The Vice-Chairman would normally also hold the post of Minute Secretary. Should the post of Vice-Chairman be vacant, a member to act as Minutes Secretary would be sought.