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1   Link   British Optical Association Museum at The College of Optometrists
The oldest and largest museum of ophthalmic artefacts in the U.K. The Club has had close contacts with the Museum for many years and several members helped with the new inventory of its contents. Curator, Neil Handley, is Assistant Editor of the Club. The website is now featuring a very detailed and informative Virtual Museum, the MusEYEum.
2   Link   The College of Optometrists Library
Club Members, who are not College Members, may apply to use some Library facilities but must first contact the Club Chairman for registration with the College. Librarian, Carrie Sherlock, is always most helpful with information and advice.
3   Link   The Ocular Heritage Society
Our companion club in the United States, although our interests and activities may differ slightly they are very complementary.
4   Link
Do not miss the very comprehensive website set up by Club Member, Dr. David Fleishman from the U.S. It is an online museum and encyclopedia which offers over 250 webpages of information and detailed history along with more than 4000 images. He has had the assistance of more than 1000 educators worldwide and all sorts of optical treasures are coming to light because of this unique totally educational research project.
5   Link   Barraclough & Stiles Opticians
The optical partnership founded by our President will help with any queries relevant to the contemporary optical scene.
6   Link   The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers
The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers is a City Livery Company, ranked number 60 in the order of precedence. Founded in 1629, it is the world's oldest optical body
7   Link   Optical Heritage Museum, Southbridge MA
Officially opened on June 18, 1983 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of American Optical, it has one of the largest collections of Spectacle Frames and Ophthalmic Optical items in the world.
Explore the history of the American optical industry, with further information on the website of the Executive Director, Dick Whitney at